Heya, I really like the idea of this kind of thing, but I've got to be honest, it can be done quite a lot better. I don't mean to be rude, hopefully it helps you, but the guitar tone needs to be worked on. There's no articulation at all, so all you're doing (and I checked out a few of your videos) is playing the vocal melody really stiffly to a backing track. The intonation of the guitar sounds really off, too. I can't take anything away, it's ace that one of your videos managed to get 20k views, and it seems well received (for most part), but don't take that to mean that you shouldn't, or can't get better. I love this idea, I'm gonna do a lot of this kind of thing myself, but you just need to work on the execution if you want to be noticed. I completely understand if this sounds rude and you feel it's unnecessary, but it's gonna help you more than a bunch of people saying it's amazing. It'll be ace to see your future work if you can iron out the issues and experiment with arrangements and all that, it could end up being quite good.
Yeah, I agree with Celestial. Loosen up the melody, make your guitar sing! Use bends, slides, hammer-on's and what not. Other than that it's pretty awesome, I'm kind of mad at myself that the Biebz has made some catchy tunes.