After being told on this forum that recording with my iphone is a bad idea, I bought some real recording equipment. This is the first time i have had any type of somewhat professional recording program so this is all new to me. I'm kinda overwhelmed by how much stuff is included with the program and I would like to know any basic tips you guys may have. I searched on the internet and found out it's a good idea to hard pan guitar parts so that it will open up space in the mix. Do you guys have any special recording techniques? Any tips will be appreciated.

I did this track as a test run on the program. I had this idea for a while, but i never had a decent way to record it. It's only the beginning of the song so it's 30 seconds. Im still trying to completely figure out the program so take it easy on me.
First of all, you might want to post this in the recordings forum next time for better feedback.

The basic idea for rock and metal recording is that you record drums, bass and two guitar tracks. you pan the guitars left and right, how much apart is a matter of taste. Bass and drums usually stay in the middle, the different pieces of the drum kit might have different pans to give it more room. It's generally advised that you EQ your guitars with plenty of mids and less bass to give the bass guitar more room to breathe. It could also be a good idea to only apply cuts with the EQ when you're still inexperienced, as boosting certain frequencies might make a huge mess. A touch of reverb might give the mix some sense of space and life. This is just a brief and messy list of different tips that might help you, I recommend you check out some recording tutorials for the program you're using on youtube for starters.

Quick notes on your track: guitars have way too much bass and way too much gain, and they're a bit quiet. It's also sounds a bit distracting when the guitar track is center and the drums are left and right, but it's a matter of taste I guess.
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There are a couple of standard ways to record guitar. Here are two simple ones:
The first one is for when you don't need a lot of room in the guitars, all you do is go from amp -> line in -> interface. Simple no mess, no fuss, you do everything else on your DAW's rack/s or whatever
The second one requires you to play out of the amp, you place one mic close to the amp, and another one further away. Then you put both tracks in the mix, and depending on how you pan it, you can get a roomier presence. You can also make it sound manual reverb with the right settings on a panoramic EQ.