Alright folks, I've tried many solutions to fix this problem and I can never seem to find a balance on my Taylor 214ce DLX. I've owned the thing for just under a year and a half now and I've had taken it to about 4 different luthiers with no luck on getting a buzz free guitar. I've tried low saddles with some neck relief, I've tried low relief with a high saddle, whatever the case may be.

I've tried 13's, 12's, 11's as far as string gauges go.

But the previous information doesn't help much so here is the present information.

12-56 strings (Elixir)
No damage to the guitar (according to the fellows at the local GC that checked it out)
I keep my guitar in a room temperature setting in a basement, and I recently moved from Alabama to Michigan (if the temperature change may have made a difference).

I don't use a humidifier.

I'm getting some nasty string buzz from the 5th-9th frets on the A string, and 7th-12th frets on the E. I'm a pretty heavy style of playing when it comes to fast picking and strumming. Power chords basically sound atrocious on the EAD strings 7th fret up.

I'm a pretty big pushover but even when stressing my issues to these luthiers I seem to get brushed off, as if "you can never have super low action and no buzz".
What rubs me wrong is that I have plenty of friends who have acoustics that play seamlessly without buzz and low action. So I'm unsure.

Maybe I'm OCD, maybe I'm a huge noob, so forgive me. First time running to a forum for help.

I've attempted to adjust the truss for some extra relief, to no avail, (nut has no resistance currently, quite loose, been adjusting by 1/8th turns and letting it sit after tuning to pitch).

What do? I can post pics if desired.

I just can't justify spending $1500 on a Taylor that has string buzz.
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How old is the guitar? Would it be possible to call the Taylor company and see if they have some kind of warranty, or at least some advice? Or take it back to the place you bought it and ask them about it.

It might be the actual frets themselves that are misaligned or just not installed correctly.
The guitar was purchased in June of 2014... So that makes it about a year and a half old. The first couple months it played great but ever since I can't seem to get it to how it used to be. I've been to the place I purchased it from about 3-4 times in the span of a year, only to adjust the neck, then the saddle, eventually I went with crazy high action and 13 gauge strings which did solve the issue for a while but that was agonizingly difficult to play. I recently went to the local GC only to have them inspect it and give it back to me with the strings changed and no second looks. Brought it home as I had to get to work and once I came back to try it out, string buzzzzzzzzz.

Idk man. My buddy who owns a 114ce plays like butter.
My buddy's Fender acoustic is fantastic on all frets, and my friends Martin entry level sounds perfect.

But man mine is jank.