Hi everybody, I keep seeing these cheap usb guitar links on eBay, from China and Thailand. I've made the mistake of buying Made in China before and I've also gotten pretty good prices, too.

Here's the link to the eBay page: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Promotions-Black-Electric-Guitar-to-USB-Interface-Link-Cable-PC-Recording-/252086858270?hash=item3ab18c321e:g:kNoAAOSwQPlV8SdK

It's hard to find reviews for it because it has no brand name, and the reviews I have found leave me with the impression that it's sort of hit-and-miss (no quality control). I think maybe some of them didn't know how to use it.

So, can anybody that has experience with this tell me if it's worth it? I don't mind work-arounds or installing drivers or whatever technical stuff to get it to work. I'm very goo with computers, so I can figure it out. What I want to know is:

Audio Quality?
Any bugs/defects?

Thanks in advance.
They are mentioned in the sticky as the cheapest introduction to recording equipment.

Its a decent enough way to start so long as you have realistic expectations - they obviously aren't as good as more expensive interfaces.
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I think they're better than what they used to be, it'll be o-kay; I mean if you want to record a flat guitar tone idea then you know, why not. So long as you use for kind of quick and dirty ideas it'll be fine, won't be like studio worth though!
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That's fine. I wanted it to take with me and use with like Garage Band or something. And my guitar is a cheap old Ibanez RG120 (Which sounds great!), so I'm not lookin to record an album or anything. (And I write metal, which should sound rough anyways. I hate all that sugary overproduced junk that they make these days!)

Oh, and thanks, I searched the forum for "china guitar link" and got nothin', but I'm gonna go look at the sticky. I figured I'd make a thread for other people like me that don't know where to look for answers. This one should be easy to find.