This list aims to help you choose the right music theory website which comprehensively covers music theory and is 100% free:

1. MTSchools – All aspects of music theory

2. musictheory.net – A flash based site with lessons and exercises

3. teoria - Music theory tutorials, exercises, reference, and articles

4. Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People – An illustrated approach to learning music theory. Some great resources here

5. Music Theory Blog – Lots of music theory topics which are easily accessible

6. music theory for musicians.com – Covers basic to intermediate music theory

7. Dolmetsch Online – A great website covering music theory, music history, and a whole lot more

8. Music Theory Videos – A video approach to learning music theory

9. Open Music Theory – Basic to advance music theory

10. Music Theory - Wikipedia – This should not be excluded from the list as it’s quite informational

If you feel this list is incorrect or should be amended, please comment below.

Happy learning!
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Certainly a good list, but I also wanted to include John Oswin's music theory series on YouTube. He is a spectacularly good teacher. Don't be put off by the sheer number of videos (around 40). They're well-paced and John's sense of humor makes learning fun. I learned way more about music theory from John Oswin's videos than from every other resource put together.