Nice sound man, I love the mix. The riffs are pretty cool I wouldn't be a huge fan of the vocal style but they're done very well! I like the stops and starts throughout the piece. I think it would have been cool to have added a guitar solo after 1:50 before the breakdown. Overall though I enjoyed it, although not my style there's a lot of cool stuff going on this, well done keep it up!

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Cheers man!

Next step is to give it to my band now and let them work on it instrumentally. I only write the basic songs and then just focus on vocals (trying to get away from my guitar..)

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I really like the vocals. The mix overall sounds pretty good. I like the Rock vibe
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Something about this song I really enjoyed. I like your bands sound made me follow you on sound cloud . lyrics had some good lines and then some were well not very good at all. but overall 7.5/10 on the song keep it up! check out my work appreciate it

Thanks a bunch man!
Which lyrics were you referring to? This is the critique I need in order to improve!

Dropped a comment on yours.
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Really liking this song. Very creative. Good sound quality. I like the guitar work and the vocals.


Thanks man, glad you like it!

Just realised you posted a video with your comment (it didn't load properly for some reason).

Very cool guitar solo, I'm not much of a lead player myself unfortunately so might be a bit difficult for me to give a technical review (I hardly play guitar since I've started singing if I'm honest.. only for writing..). I like a lot of the licks and melodies in relation to how they work with the chords. Some 'sweet spot' notes in there (yeah that's how technical I am..) that give it some umph. Reminds me a bit of how Sinister Gates' makes some of his solos.
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Now I'm digging this. Nice groove and good vocals!
The overall mix is quite good. I really like the guitar here. What I really missed was a guitar solo. As Poisonouspot said, around 1:50 would be nice
All in all, good effort. I really liked it

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Cheers man and commented back (fucking sick solo!)

Really glad you liked it. After talking it out with the band, we decided actually to keep this one short and snappy without a solo since we have other tracks with solos and didn't want to over do it for the EP. Keeping this one more in line with our punk influences than our metal / hard rock influences.

(Although we might add a messy lead to the intro.. screeching, nothing proper melodic.)
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Maaaan, I love this right from the intro. Mix is not the best, I can tell you that right away, but really I don't give a shit about the production in a style like this as long as I can hear everything, and I can.

Not much criticism to give really. I think this is a song that relies purely on emotion and vibe (the emotion being "aggression" for me ), so all nitpicks I might have about whatever are kind of moot. I enjoyed it, and would love to hear more in the same style. I think that's all that counts.
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