Two weeks ago I bought a 2005 Paul Reed Smith Mccarty Soapbar from GC. The photos and description showed a couple of nicks in the binding, but when I got it I found many, many more nicks and scratches, some minor and some major. The guitar also didn't play, as the volume pot was broken and the output jack was shot. I made a jumper wire to connect to a cable so I could hear the guitar. I loved the sound. I love the look of the guitar too. It would take patience and a lot of time to fill in and polish the blemishes, but it can be done. The nut was filed wide and very deep, so the low E barely rings at all.

The guitar was $1400 plus tax and shipping. Because of the problems with the electronics, I told the GC store that sold it that I would keep it if they would send me the PRS factory drop-in volume pot/tone pot/selector switch combo, a new PRS jack, and a new nut, and I wold fix it. The sales guy talked to his boss and they agreed.

That was two weeks ago. I called PRS to order a part, and it was here in two days. I've bugged GC twice now, but I still don't have the promised parts.

I haven't seen another PRS I like as much as this, and would rather keep it if possible.

Any suggestions as to how to light a fire under GC to get them to live up to their word?
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Bring it back say you're returning it because they haven't lived up to their end of the bargain.
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That's the straightforward approach, and I can even make it worse on them than that (meaning cost them more). I'm just wondering if GC has ever tried to stiff someone and the customer got them to do right. I really like the guitar.

A bit over a month ago, I ordered a used Carvin CT624 from them for $1900. When it arrived, I saw immediately that it was a cheaper model that sells new for $1400 with all of the extras.
GC is known for being kind of a shitty company in general when it comes to things like this.

My point wasn't for you to go there with the intent of returning. A place like GC only wants money and if you threaten to take some of it away that will spur their asses. As it stands now it has been two weeks so you are ancient history to them.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I don't know if it is a regional thing, but I've had generally positive experiences with the GCs here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

That said, I'd talk to the manager to see if he or she will make things right. If not, return that guitar.

You might even show him this thread on your cellphone...AFTER you send a link to corporate.
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I've been in touch with the manager. He knows about this.

I paid with American Express, and Amex is ruthless about protecting their card holders. If I dispute the transaction, Amex won't pay for the shipping, either to me or the return shipping. I just had surgery, and am not allowed to lift anything more than a carton of milk, so I can't box it up to ship it. They'll have to send someone from the GC nearest me, which is 45 minutes away.

So, they'll have to eat the shipping, it will cost them to box it and ship it back, and they'll still have to buy parts to repair it. Seems less costly to give me the parts.
I don't know what GC's ordering policies are, but I doubt it's by store. For example, if you go to a store and express interest in something they don't have in stock. They say they can order it for you and it will be there in 1-2 weeks. And that's if they have stock of it elsewhere in their system. But if you go on their site and order it, it will be at your door in 2-3 days. My guess is that the actual GC doesn't do the ordering and it doesn't come directly to them. They probably send their inventory needs to corporate who places a large order with PRS. Then that shipment goes to a GC warehouse where the individual pieces are sent where they are needed. That's generally how chains operate.

Maybe you can ask them to refund the value of the stuff you need and order directly from PRS yourself. They might say no because they may have already sent the order. They also might say no or not give you the full value of the items on the PRS site because they get it cheaper being a PRS dealer. But either way, it's worth a shot. If you've been in touch with the manager, I doubt they're really trying to screw you over. Keep in mind that it's less hassle for them to actually give you what you want.
GC fucked me once. an ibanez prestige with a jackson LFR considered 'all original and mint'

fuck them.

i buy most of my stuff off of reverb.com i haven't had any problems.