Hey guys,

I'm trying to start to write some of my own material, and I'm trying to get a sound that is like this album that I heard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23rmHpgDI94&list=PLBJOZ0omgSTe0z1nApbVSSdwZS6pyBCUy . I know eventually I'll have to "get my own sound", but I want to play around with a sound similar to this right now, and put my own twist on it later on. That Open and Airy sound is what I'm shooting for, and this album conveys that perfectly in my eyes.

I'm not exactly sure what kind of effects pedals I would be looking at, some of my mates tell me that it would be a combination of reverb and delay, but I'm not entirely sure, and don't have anywhere locally to try things out. What I'm asking is what kind of pedals would I need to order, and what pedals would be recommended for said category.

I'm playing a Fender Jagstang through a Marshall MG100 half cab.

Thank you!
That was just an acoustic guitar. Maybe some reverb or delay in post, but nothing else as far as I could tell. You wouldn't need any pedals or even an amp, really. You just need an acoustic guitar.
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A quick google search shows they use Marshall and Orange heads with strymon and TC effects.

The MG's not a great amp. I think you could get that tone you linked on a budget with something like a fender blues JR, and a good reverb (like the TC hall of fame). You might want a drive pedal, if you're looking for a little grit. That video was just acoustic, but I get the kinda tone you're going for. A good deal would come in handy as well.
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