I was interested in several of Line 6's newest modeling technologies but I had some question that i thought you guys might be able to answer:
  • With the Amplifi 75/150 amps and the Amplifi TT, do I need to buy one of L6's FBV footswitches (which are spendy) to toggle effects onstage without having to pull out my phone, or do any other footswitches from other manufacturers work?
  • Are the Amplifi 75/150, the Amplifi FX100, and the Amplifi TT pretty much the same thing inside, but one has speakers built in, the other has switches and an expression pedal built in, and the last one is really small, or do they have different processing powers and different customization options?
  • The Line 6 website seems to say that the Firehawk and 500X each have 29 different amp models, the Amplifi 75/150 through its app has 70+ amp models, and the Amplifi FX100 has "Over 200 amps, effects and speaker cabinets." How can this be if the Firehawk and HD500X are each more expensive than the Amplifis (I'm guessing they are counting dirty channels as a different amp), and how many amp models does each product really have?
  • Similarly, how many effects does each product really have?
  • What are the differences between the Amplifi FX100 floorboard/modeler and the more expensive Firehawk floorboard/modeler other than additional buttons?
  • How are the Amplifi and Firehawk Remote apps any different?
  • Do I have to use a PA or home audio system to play sound in a room through the FX100, TT, or Firehawk, or can I go from one of their outputs to a normal guitar cab? And do I need another amplifier to power a cab if I want to go that route, or can I go directly from the L6 floorboard to the cab and hear good sounds?

I know this is a lot of questions, but if you could help answering just one, it would be quite helpful. Thanks!
I own a POD HD500 so can only answer your questions about that particular unit.

The POD's amp models are probably better than the ones on the Amplifi, but don't quote on me that. I know I only use a handful of the POD 500's amp range - some of them have a particular tone I really dislike (because of inherent fizziness or a particular voicing) so no tweaking or editing will save those for me.

Line 6 units always tend to come with gazillions of models and options, but in my experience only a couple of them are actually useful for achieving proper tone. A buddy of mine had one of those notorious Spider amps with 100+ models, of which only a couple were useable. Still, the flexibility is nice. It allows you to really delve into effects and amp voicings and find out where your preferences lie.
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