Hi there.

So today I stumbled upon this live version of Boys Are Back In Town performed by Huey Lewis & The News. The guitarist on the left side, with the black Fender, Chris Hayes, really has a great guitar sound.
Especially the sound in the beginning, where the guitar first come in.
What the secret to a sound like that?

I would like to hear your guys opinion.

I don't know if I'm right, but are there some chorus on there, or??
If that's the case, what's the secret to get that chorus to just add a little extra and sound so punchy and clear at the same time.

Boys Are Back In Town Live

Maybe it is just a light chorus wash. Nothing too extreme. You could also get something of the sort with a double-tracker. Keeley 30ms is the hot double-tracker. You can hear harmony from the other guitarist so that is contributing to the chorus sound as well.

The rest of it just sounds like a bridge pup through an overdriven amp, maybe with an overdrive pedal pushing it. I think the chap is using a single coil but you can get roughly the same tone with a humbucker.

The amp sounds tweed to me? Not sure. I think a proper Marshall could help you get that tone. Others with more experience might be able to guide you further.
Wow thank you for sharing this cover. Amazing!

I think that's Chris's late 70s Strat with the floating Kahlo trem so definitely a single pickup there. I know he used both Mesa and Fender amps at some point but, regardless, you're gonna need plenty of gain going on to get that tone.

I agree with Will on the chorus - it might also be a little flanger? And as Will pointed out, you do have the second guitarist playing harmonies on that main riff - always gonna sound different (and better) than just one guitar.
and harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene