Hi All

I'm new here. I joined up as I have an EMG related question and it seems like the best place to ask.

So ive recently got back into guitar. ive played on and off (way more off than on) for about 20 years now, and have been gathering new guitars like a mad man for the last year or so...

I currently have:
  • Jackson JDR-94 - MIJ in 1994 - HSH with EMG 85, 60, and SA (or S i cant remember which) - my first guitar
  • Epiphone Les Paul Classic - Quilt blue with black hardware
  • Ibanez JS100 - fully modified with ibanez Edge Pro, MIJ hardware, and Satrianis Dimarzios
  • Ibanez SZ4020FM - one of my faves
  • Ibanez RG570 - Custom "Cobweb" body from Area 51 customs, RG550 Neck - black hardware
  • Signature STR-1 - MIJ les paul copy - very nice indeed
  • Agile 3100M
  • Ibanez Jem style swamp ash project - coming soon
  • Ibanez RG style Limba project - coming soon
  • Crafter acoustic

think that's about it

Seems like a nice place
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Glad to have you here with us. We hope you can continue coming here, at the very least. Welcome aboard the UG train/ship/dominator vehicle!