Well, since I began playing guitar almost 10 years ago, it has been my dream to own a Gibson SG. I was raised on bands like AC/DC and Aerosmith. and I bought my first electric guitar in 2008. It was white Epiphone SG G-400 Custom Shop because I seen Joe Perry play one when I seen Aerosmith that summer (which was also the first concert I ever seen, it was great).

Last week, I spotted a 2003 Gibson SG Standard in a natural burst on Kijiji, and I knew this was my chance. I'm a university student, but I had a bit of spare money saved up, and so I sold my MIM Stratocaster and a 56 Reissue Danelectro to get the rest of the dough.

Today, I finally fulfilled my dream as a guitarist.

All and all, I absolutely love it, and I was genuinely surprised by how pretty the burst was. Nice fat neck and well balanced (not neck-heavy). Pickups are the 490R/498T, which were my preference from what I have played. I was playing another Gibson SG that had the 57 pickups and found them to be a bit muddy. Never played Burstbuckers before, to be fair.

Two issues the guitar came with were very fixable. First was the loose input jack. I tightened the jack and also pushed the contact inside a bit more forward and it hasn't cut out since. Secondly the action was waaay too high. The bridge was jacked way up, but I have a feeling the previous owner was using it purely as a slide guitar because he bought it looking for a Derek Trucks sound. I might also sand a bit of the gloss off the back of the neck. Glossy necks are the worst.

p.s., the Les Paul in the background is my roomates 50s Tribute. I can't play a LP worth shit, I'm an SG man til I die
I'm a LP man myself but I've always wanted an SG standard. Congrats!
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Nice score man! SGs are really nice guitars. Ive owned a few and still have an Elitist myself.

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Looks great! Congrats. I have owned 3 SGs over the years, great guitars, I'll probably end up with another one soon enough.
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Never played an SG so I guess you'll have to lend it to me indefinitely is that ok?
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Never played an SG so I guess you'll have to lend it to me indefinitely is that ok?

I'll pass it down once I'm done with it

Digging the SG love here. Most people I know in RL always take a dig at them, but even my roommates can't deny the greatness of this beast.
Nice!HNGD!I gigged a black SG standard for a few years after my first LP std more of less fell to bits.I loved the SG.It was solid and the sound was great.Mine was an '04 or '05 that i got new.No neck dive either.Great guitars.
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I have always wanted one of those..... Congratz.

I hope you one day get one! My collection of guitars was starting to get a bit ridiculous, especially once I realized I essentially only played my American Tele (Which I bought 3 years ago for 450 dollars!!). I'd rather have two amazing guitars than seven good guitars.