Gasper - Sunrise ft. Vanesa

This one is probably by far the most complicated one I've ever done, still created pretty smooth and intuitively.

Pretty much everything is sampled. I'm interested if anyone can tell me what instruments I sampled, they're pretty well known.
Also found out, that taped guitar was exactly what I nedeed for this song. As far as it goes for the guitar I made stereo picture with two different fenders, stratocaster and telecaster, no phase, rich sound and wideness. I'm still using DI for guitars, I guess that's a shame.

There was a lot of fancy expensive gear used here, but I'm not gonna go into that.

The only thing I'd maybe do differently now is to put back vocals in the refrain louder.

Btw, I'm also a sound engineer and music producer, so any comments related to these areas are always more than welcome.

So, what do you think?