Well i need other peoples opinions on this one. I want to sell my old cort x11 and buy something with the fixed bridge( cant stand that floyd rose anymore xD ). So i have been searching for the new guitar and i saw these two used guitars LTD truckster grey with EMG actives(2 years old) for 650 euros and LTD mh1000 nt deluxe with seymour duncans jb and 59(5 years old) for 550 euros. I mostly play metal like SOAD, Mastodon, Megadeth, Disturbed... What do you think, is it worth saving 100 more for truckster.
P.S. I like trucksters model more than mh1000s.
Both fantastic values - I've owned two of the MH-1000's and played the Truckster. I prefer the 25.5" scale for metal due to its tightness along with the better fret access of the super-strat shape, and also am not a fan of active pickups, but these two guitars will be so similar in quality/playability that it really comes down to your preference. If you want the Truckster for almost any reason (looks, feel, electronics, scale ) then saving for it will be worth it.
My EC-1000 sat for 2 months before I finally traded it for a Blacktop Tele. ESP/LTD make great guitars, man, but the resale value blows hard. If you have a Fender or a Gibson, that shit stays up for 1 day & it's gone. Think about that before you buy.
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