hello guys and happy new year.I want to buy a new amp.Right now i have a line 6 spider iv 75w but as i see i cant get the sound of dimebag.I have two guitars.One custom with dimebucker and one cheap dean dimebag model.I will probably buy with the amp an MXR 6 BAND eq,as i see i will need it to get the sound i want.I give 200euros for the amp.
For Megadeth stuff, I'd say Marshall JCM2000 DSL line, DSL40C maybe.

Pantera - you have to get one of those old Randall heads or a Krank, it is a different buzzy solid state tone that won't be compatible with the other sound, unless you want to get a distortion pedal to put in front of the DSL40C. The Digitech Metal Master seems to nail that tone or the MXR Fullbore.
Don't get the Dean Dime amp, those things are awful. A used Randall RG100 or an RH200 would probably better fit your needs. The other guitarist in my band uses the RH200, and it sounds great for high gain. If you come across an Ampeg VH140C, grab it up. You can do Pantera and Megadeth just fine with it, and the VH140 is one of those gems that might be a little hard to find, but it is one of the best solid state amps for playing metal, especially thrash and death metal. Mine has served me well for 20 years.
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look for an RG100ES. i have owned a few. they are hard to find in decent shape though. i don't think i paid more than $80 for any of the three.

another randall that is dirt cheap is the randall century 200 head or the 100 combo (i have the combo).
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Megadeath and Pantera are totally different tones. Megadeath is a Marshall tube amp and Pantera is a shitty SS Randall. They aren't even close to each other.
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I think you'd be better off saving up more. I'd be surprised if you found a new amp and an MXR 6 band for 200 euros that would sound better than the Line 6 you already have.
yeah Megadeath is a cranked plexi with a boost, Pantera is a Randall completely different tones.

I say look for a used peavey Vypyr 75 or Vypyr tube 60 if your budget allows
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Pantera? What's that amp that everyone always says sounds like a swarm of wasps?
The Randall RH200 would be a good option. You can get Dime like tones from it. Bear in mind, no single amp is going to get his tone perfectly though. He had other elements going on beyond just plugging into an amp. You could buy a Century, RG, or Warhead, and none of them will get his tone.

Whether or not Dime had good tone, that's a different conversation. So, moving on...

The RH series on the crunch setting can get a "Marshall" type tone to do your Megadeth stuff. It should cover the bases you're interested in, and should be in your price range if you can find one.

I owned one... oh, must have been 12/13 years ago. So, I speak from experience regarding the RH series.
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