Hey all, just bought an EL34 Shiva NR. I have a Vox VSF2 footswitch that I got a while back, and was wondering if this would be Ok to use for channel switching, and boost activation?


Newer green back one should work fine, older silver panel one I think used mono cables so you'll only get one function. Might run into latching/non-latching issues so you may have to stomp twice to get it to work.

It won't hurt anything to try, plug it in and see what happens.
The Vox uses latching switches.
So if you plug it in, do it with your amp and guitar volume turned to ZERO.
Press a footswitch, if it DOESN'T make a continual "click click" sound, its probably ok.
Should have mentioned that...I have the green chassis model. What exactly do you mean by latching? CodeMonk, are you saying if I can hear the amp making a clicking noise when hitting the switch, it's bad news? I don't wanna potentially damage the amp by testing it either
Latching just means the switch holds its setting. I think the regular Shiva switch does not, the amp does it.

Clicking from the amp is a good sign, it's probably the relays working. That's the mechanism inside the amp that switches channels and whatnot. You're really not going to break anything trying this. Turn the volume up and see if it's working.
Sorry, I may have said that wrong.
I meant if it clicks repeatedly, non-stop clicking.
The click is a relay (an electronically controlled switch basically) doing its job.
A single click is a good sign.
Continual clicking is not.

And what Roc said.

Switches come in 2 basic forms. Latching and momentary.
Latching is like a light switch in your house, flip it up or down and it stays there.
Momentary is like when you start a car. The starter only does its thing when you turn the key. When you release the key, it stops.
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