Heya, this is my first time on this forum
So i,ve been playing guitar for a few months now and loving it, i was talking to some mates and they said get a new pickup if i wanted abit of an upgrade, so without much research i bought a seymour duncan jb sh4 bridge pickup.
I watched a couple videos on how to change pickups on a les paul, but mine is a afd special ii with only one tone and one volume knob.
So does any one know if its any different changing pickups on my guitar?
Also does anyone think it was a waste buying a nice pickup for a cheap guitar?
There's a long list of things keeping the Special II from being a good guitar, but it can't hurt, and you can always take the pickup out and put it in another guitar. So worst case is you wasted a little time and effort, best case it sounds a little better. Not a huge deal in the long run. I wouldn't have bothered, but it's not a terrible idea. You're probably going to want a new guitar at some point and you can put a JB in pretty much anything, it was a good choice even if you ditch the guitar tomorrow.

I assume you're playing through a really cheap amp, which usually means a pickup change is hard to hear/notice. That's usually where the first major upgrade is.
wire it like just like the other pickup you took out. make sure you connect the red/white wires together and tape off.

your amp is going to hold you back the most, start saving some cash for something decent and used.
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Quote by mattyy97
does anyone think it was a waste buying a nice pickup for a cheap guitar?

I do!

IMO, first thing is to get a decent amp. Then a decent guitar. Then any pedals you may require. Changing pickups is last on the list.

However, that's if you're seeing it as a potential upgrade. If you're seeing it as a learning experience to delve into the inner workings of a guitar, then go for it. You'll gain little to no noticable benefit with your current set up, but in the future once you've upgraded everything you may find the experience beneficial.
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There are plenty of good cheap guitars that just need better pups and hardware. I have a Squier that I spent more on upgrading it than the guitar cost. It is now a bitchin guitar.
However, better pups are wasted into a shit amp. Most of your tone comes from the amp, pups are just fine tuning.
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Quote by Cathbard
<Snip> ...better pups are wasted into a shit amp. Most of your tone comes from the amp, pups are just fine tuning.
Very true!
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I'm another of those who believes in cheap guitar, good amp and good ( meaning ones I like, not necessarily expensive) pickups. Like Cathbard, I have on occasion spent substantially more on the pickups than on the rest of the guitar.

I would, however, be interested to know what is wrong with that particular guitar. I looked at one briefly a a couple of weeks ago and thought that it was a good candidate for modding.

FWIW, I tried a JB and didn't like it, too muddy for my clean sound, but they are certainly popular.
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If you have the guitar and the pickup already- go for it! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube. Remember, on the JB, the green and bare wires get soldered to the pot. The red & white get soldered together and taped, and the black is the hot (either to the switch or to the volume pot). Take pictures before and after so you can see/remember what you did.
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