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Great guitar tone to start out and a nice fade in. rhythm guitars make a huge entrance, as do the vocals damn. The kick drum and guitars at 1:05 sync up and work together in a really nice way. Everything in the mix sounds really tight and present. the instruments and vocals are right in your face. this bridge part that happens right before 3:00 and then comes back in with the drums is fackin awesome. I'm wondering if the rhythm guitars are stepping on the bass a little bit in the mix now though. The bass is pretty low in the mix which makes sense for the song but at a couple points I noticed some mud at the very bottom of the guitars that might have been taking some of the power and clarity from the bass track. gotta say, i usually don't have much appetite for metal and I came in figuring I probably wouldnt like it but I'd at least give it a try and before I knew it the song was over and I was starting it back up for another listen. This song not only rips but has a professional sound to it. thanks for sharing it!

here's a link to my music, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it
Thanks for the review!

I just left a review for your tracks! Really interesting stuff!

edit: Still awaiting your c4c, until then...

First impressions:

1) The vocalist needs to put more power behind his vocals. He can already keep on key he just needs to really put power behind it.

2) The main/verse riff reminds me of something... probably something to do with all the power metal I've heard over the years Overall reminds me of Iron Maiden and Dream Evil with other influences obviously.

3) 3:11 kick ass riff.

Not much to critique on. The production sounds great. Maybe the guitar lead tone could use some adjustment (boost some of the highs to add some character) but that is mostly preference.

I liked the song, I'd like to hear your critique on my song here:
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Hell yeah man. This has a very iron maiden vibe to it. Sounds really good. Can't really tell you whats wrong with it ( couldn't find anything). Keep making music. I'm gonna start following you guys. You mind checking out this little rock backing track i made ?
Very nice track, shsnk! Hardly anything I can tell that needs major improvement at all ^.^

tal, I can't quite pinpoint it, but that backing track has some very familiar influences in it. It sounds quite nice, either way
@apothegm Hey man! Sorry for the delay..i was travelling the last couple of days! I really liked your instrumental song. Left you a comment on your page!
@CherokeShredder - Thanks a lot man! Really glad you liked it! Please give me the links to your music..i would love to check it out

Getting a very Judas Priest/Iron Maiden vibe here. Nice production man the guitar tones are sweet and the playing is very tight. Vocals are fantastic along with the harmonies.The solo at 1:20 is awesome man only wish it was longer. The lyrics are actually pretty well written too. The breakdown at 3:00 is pretty swell too. Side note, the singer sounds like the singer from Dream Theatre. Normally I'm not too much of a fan of this type of metal but it's a solid track, can't really fault it man. Great work!

You can check out my music here:
Unfortunately, I just got done with my first original piece ever, and my recording skills with the song itself are blech :P However, once I actually get equipment going (and can play my own song effectively well heheheheheh), then I will gladly give links ^_^ Until then, sorry. Can only enjoy others' covers and works. But I do have tabs and covers of others' songs if you wish to take a gander there \m/ \m/

Oooooooooh. You guys did very well on this. Definitely kept the Priest feel while also innovating your own. I want to do my own recordings, but again, no equipment to use.

CherokeShredder - Thanks man!

All these recordings were done in a proper studio with an experienced engineer. We do not own any recording gear except for our guitars and amps. Maybe you can try approaching a few studios for recording.

lol I was wondering. I have no studio at all. Most I got is a computer that is the College's, the mic ON said computer, and the natural acoustics of the room I am in. No equipment of my own whatsoever for recording heh
Absolutely awesome man. Very professional sounding. Great solo! Everything about this is just perfect. Keep this up and you will be famous one day. I'm surprised your not already. Keep up the good work.
@aaron aardvark - Thanks man! Glad you liked the song!

The treble in the intro was for it to kinda stand out since its only 1 guitar....

"Sounds like 80's metal" - That was the idea!!

@payments2085 - Thanks a lot dude!

Please follow us on facebook - for more music and updates. Also please share our songs and spread the word if you can. It would mean a lot to us

We also have an EP out, you can stream it here:

BTW that was some kickass playing on that Rock Ballad track! You've got some great chops!! But try recording your guitars direct instead of using a camera..sounds a LOT better!!!

Oooooh, I like this one too. Your band has some very awesome tracks going. Keep up the awesome work. Kinda helps that the inspirations for the music are noticable to me. Metal, Metal, and more Metal
Dude, I am literally trying to find reasons NOT to like your music. I am running out of any possible alternatives for reasons :P You keep on impressing and doing well with it. Definitely in my favored range of music ^_^
War hero kicks ass to. Very talented band just read your in a proper studio your drummer is pretty bad as whole band fuses together nicely
@Distortionx100 - Thanks man! Really glad you enjoyed my songs. Do follow us on facebook -

I really liked your music man! Especially the production. Loved the guitar tones
Favorite track - The Keeper ...Keep em coming!!!

See, we're a team here. We do well with each other and help each other out when we can It's threads like these that make me glad to be a member and worker (tabber and such) for UG all this short time

I might just finally have the audio for my song in place I finally got the recording of it well enough to admit to it not having many mistakes. I could post it here, if...if you guys wanted. It's my first original piece ever, in all the time spent doing music, so not sure how it will go with others much ^=^ But willing to accept the responsibility for it

Great job man! Thats a really nice riff! I think it would totally sound bad ass when played with an electric guitar and a distorted amp!!!

Nice riff at the beginning! Good guitar tone too
I like the vocals, but as someone said here, It maybe lacks a bit power. The drums are really great. Good mix.
Cool guitar solo at 1:24. Nice bends and good playing. Really the guitar work in this song. Nice a harmony at 2:54. I also like the instrumental part right after.
All in all, great song! Cool variatons that keeps it from getting repetitive.

Wanna check out my song?
Shsnk, now comes the tricky part: trying to find out how to sing the damn song! xD

But in any event, thank you. It's my first original piece ever and I still may need to work on it.

Duuuuuuuuude, it's Power Metal-inspired, so always applicable to amp and distortion ^^

@mrmo - Thanks man! Much appreciated! Really liked your instrumental track are an awesome guitar player

Great riff in the intro for The Enemy Within, immediately piqued my interest. I feel like the vocals start a little too soon, but that's more personal than fact. The chorus is nice, but lacks power in the vocals. Drums feel extremely tight in the pre-chorus and the chorus, they feel exactly like they have to. Great mix! The solo after the first chorus got me hyped for what was to come, nice tone. The second solo was really nice! I think the last chorus lacks some power though, not just in the vocals but in the entire instrumentation. I'd want this last chorus to punch me in the face and really finish off the song, but it felt like it droned on a little too long without that punch. Great song though, more positives than negatives and it's really a solid song that reminds me of earlier Iron Maiden.

The vocals in War Hero are what you needed in The Enemy Within too, these are really strong, catchy and feel very professional. Nice solo again. I like the ending here a lot better too.

I subscribed on your band's Youtube account because I'm definitely going to listen to you again. Also gave you a like on Facebook

It'd be cool if you could give some CnC on my band's single over here! If you like it, don't be afraid to like us on Facebook too!
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