I've heard a lot of amazing hip hop producers in my day, the likes of DJ Shadow, Flying Lotus, J-Dilla, Madlib, Kirk Night, etc. I wanted to try my hand at making something similar to what those guys do. There would probably be a few assorted vocal samples and scratching here and there, but its hard simulating those things in Guitar Pro. Hopefully somebody digs it!

Update: Changed a few notes around, and added an effect or two. Check the files in my second post.
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im not really sure what to make of this. its like nothing ive heard before, so ill try my best to give a legitimate review

overall its pretty cool, very dark and ominous. one thing i really didnt like was the synth bass. the notes were pretty dissonant, and IMO didnt really add much to the song anyway. i also think you could do more with the guitar

also just out of curiosity, why is the violin track set to clean guitar?
Glad you dug it! Good thing you mentioned the synth bass cause I think I neglected to put it in key with everything else. As far as doing more with the guitar, I definitely could, so I'll see about it. I assume you're listening to the GP5 file, and I think the Violin just messed up whenever I was converting it to GP5. Not sure what to do about that one. I updated the original post with a copy with corrected (I think) bass, and a few bits and bobs added.
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yeah, i dont have gp6 (and dont really plan on getting it). i also didnt realize this was supposed to be electronic until after i commented. i understand the minimal approach to the guitar, but i still feel a tad more could be done with it

also when you get the chance, would you mind giving some input on my most recent work?
Yeah the Violin and Key tracks are both set to clean guitar which threw me off at first. idk what soundbank you had in mind for keys but I used the Rhodes because it's a top instrument

Most of your stuff is a bit too obtuse for me but I really enjoyed this, especially everything after bar 25. I'd say this def. leans more towards IDM than hip-hop and it kinda sounds like a demented version of Hyperballad (that may be entirely because I used the rhodes, though).

The drums for the most part make it sound like you're going for an industrial/rock vibe mainly because of the lack of syncopation (and the mid-paced double time groove). If you wanna keep the driving pace

Ok yeah nevermind my articulation is shit today I'll just post an example lol
I think the ending part (when the piano/key arpeggio changes) needs a more "loud" beat. My example was hyperbole but the minimal beat just feels kind of aimless.

I spent like 5 minutes writing the sarcastic(?) trap part at the end and I didn't want it to go to waste so congratulations you have inadvertently inspired me to make this... thing: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jqx1cavk0s8tj77/dnkafls.gp5
i see your girl
she leavin wit me

I'm playing wit her booty
in the back seat
I might have to go back and insert actual violins and rhodes for those parts, instead of just clean guitar with rhodes and violin soundbanks. GPX to GP5 conversion always screws something up. Yeah, but I totally meant for the keys to be Rhodes, so good on you for that superior patrician taste. Also, concerning the loudness of things, the mix may have been screwed up by converting, too.

I love how your revised drums at 25-40 groove. I might end up changing it to something similar. Probably a bit more skeletal but with that same feel, just depends. I'm not really going for trappy or even particularly busy stuff at all in the drums, though. No rapid-fire hats or snares. I wanted to do more boom bap sort of stuff with a fairly basic, but catchy groove. Something like what's in this vid> J Dilla - Mash or this gud shit right hur> Madlib - Low Class Conspiracy

And a fair helping of IDM makes its way into Flying Lotus's production, who is a favorite producer of mine, so I can definitely see where you're coming from. My whole motive for the minimal part at the end was because I wanted it to vibe off of the atmosphere and just sort of fizzle out. The hand claps are the what I really want to carry the piece to its finish, while the polyrhythms created by the drums and synth bass are meant to create spice. Maybe turn those handclaps up and see if it does anything for you.

Lastly, that beat was hot garbage! Quit! I'm kidding, though. You make delicious beats consistently. Very catchy! I get a sort of fusion vibe from it. Glad I could indirectly inspire it.
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