I got a brand new PRS Torero for half the list price and couldn't say no. I've never had a floating trem so I've had to watch allot of YouTube for educational purposes. On that note, I've done my best with the Google search engine but have come to the point where I have straight up questions.
I set the guitar up for drop C, mainly using the instructional video on YouTube made by "The Tone King". I used a stack of playing cards to hold the bridge, Dropped the tuning and adjusted the trem spring claw. NOW comes the ??s That I need help with.. The claw was already screwed pretty far out, (when I started it was set up for standard tuning) I'd say the screws were roughly 3/4 the way backed out of the body. There were 3 springs, each end and in the middle.(I I I) I went ahead and screwed in the spring claw about half way, tuned down, and took the cards out to unblock the bridge. Obv now I had to loosen the spring claw to bring the strings back down into tune, as well as straighten out the bridge which was leaning back a bit towards the body. It says on everywhere I've looked that you only adjust the claw a quarter to a half turn at a time and check, saying that it's very sensitive to any slight adjustment. (kind of like the truss) Well, not.. I backed the spring claw out to the point where I was just about at where it was when I got it, 3/4 the way out. So best option according to the Internet, take a spring out. I also had to do this to get the bridge level with the body, in the end I did. I left one spring on each side of the claw, two total. The result was I did get it in drop C, and did get the floyd parallel with the body. But my biggest thing is one, I didn't think I'd have to back the claw screws out that much. Is it unhealthy for the bridge to have the screws backed out that much? A little more than 3/4 the way screwed out?? (Not quite 7/8ths but still, backed out) My other question is the springs, I'm ok with the tension on the term bar but it COULD be a bit tighter. (Little more tension would work better) How would I go about that? If I put the 3rd spring back in, my bridge will tilt back again for one. I WOULD compensate by loosening the spring claw but it's already as far back as I would ever position it. Soooo, do I need heavier Guage springs to compensate for the tension or?? I'm gonna install a
tremolo-no, just saying, don't know if that will make a difference with THESE particular issues. Sorry for the novel, I tried to explain this as clear as possible. Thanks

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