I have been contributing onto UG with tabs and chords for several months now, and I love the system and the feedback I get from the viewers, but I have always been bothered by the extreme power that the rank-IV and higher get. One person that isn't even an administrator can take one of a person's two chances at getting a tab accepted.

I work incredibly hard to get mine right -- I could spend days on a tab, making absolutely sure the chords are perfect, and I might have one minor formatting error, and one person sweeps by and BOOM, 'you've been rejected!'

Lower ranks get smaller votes, but there's more chance for someone to accept feedback and criticism, as well as actually work towards an acceptance. I just uploaded an album-upload (instead of an individual song). Took me 4 hours to do, and within two minutes I got rejected by one person because of 'formatting'! Tell me what I'm actually doing wrong with my formatting, then, and I'll fix it, instead of just rejecting me like that. It's very disheartening.

For another thing, there is no formatting guide for album submissions! So how did they know that I was doing it wrong? I'm not just trying to whine and get my album uploaded, I just want reform !

The contributors have veto power for a reason. Although some of the votes are true BS.

But seriously, you're not looking hard enough if you haven't seen a recently-accepted album tab to use as a model. Although one suggestion I'd have in general (for UG) is to force constructive comments beyond the generic if registered users are submitting tabs.
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There does seem to be a lot of random reject votes from lower level contributors, perhaps if it was required to add some text explaining the negative vote for all the reason categories rather than a couple as it is now.
I am only new to contributing on this site but I am starting to have reservations about it.

I see one guy who votes down every tab for lack of formatting but never ever says whats wrong with it and it's not only him. if you reject a tab you should have to say exactly why , so the person knows what is wrong. otherwise the whole contributor voting system is counter productive to the site.

I just had my first tab rejected and I can not see any reason why, the person who dealt the deathblow claimed there where Better and more complete tabs already but there is only 1 other and it does not even have the chords listed for every verse unlike mine and my version is different. I don't know everything so I'm taking it slow and measured if I vote on something.

I use the site and if there is no better tab that I want in my favs and I can, I will try and do a better job. but if because of a lack of control over voting I have to give it up and stop I will.