I've listened to a lot of demos of people playing these pickups and have narrowed it down to the 3 brands but want some opinions. With the Emg pickups too I'm stuck between the het set and the 81-85 with an 18v mod. The deathbucker seems to sound really nice but there arent as many demos to listen to get a great opinion. With the Blackouts they all sound pretty good to me. I want to replace the stock pickups in my Ibanez art-100. Im curious to hear other peoples opinions on these pickups.
This guy's comparison between Deathbuckers and a 81/60 set of EMGs is decent.

I personally prefer the Deathbuckers. Not only do I prefer the tone, but also the fact that they're physically lighter and are passive- no need to rout a body for a battery cavity; no buying batteries.
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It would help to know what tone/genres/sound you're going for. What characteristics in your tone right now are lacking or what do you want emphasized? What amp do you have right now?

I've been running Blackouts in one of my guitars for many years now. They're great for certain things, not as good for others. Give me some more information and I can probably tell you if they're the right fit for you.