a while ago i finished a heavily altered cover of one of my all time favourite songs. ive really added my own flare to it, plus a surprise in the middle. i hope you all enjoy it, and id love to hear some feedback (preferably detailed)

for the best sound, make sure the reverb is up for the clean, lead, and strings
Ariels cover.gp5
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I was a decent SOAD fan back in the day. Had to go back and listen to the original for reference and it was so nostalgia-y. Loved the expanded strings in the beginning. Great textures in there. The altered strings during the intro riff were a great take on the song. Your remix of the riff at 20 was good. The chord changes enhance the riff. The more metalcore take on the riff at 25 is interesting. The solo at 58 was lit. If I could change anything about it, though, I'd probably add more lyrical bits to it. Instead of just runs, hold out a few more notes and bend and such. Make it sing. I like how you changed up the drums on the powerful riff bit. They groove even harder than the original song. All in all, its a very cool revision of the track. You make some cool additions for sure. Here's my sort of revision of the solo. It's probably garbage, but I think it explains what I'm suggesting.
Ariels cover (Million Dead solo).gpx
Ariels cover (Million Dead solo).gp5
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Great cover and reinterpretation.

I felt that the string intro ended a bit too abruptly. I think that it would sound more cohesive if the violins played C and G into bars 13 and 14 and faded out until the reintroduction at bar 16.

More vocal work would be good for the track as well with variations on each verse and chorus that build in intensity as the song progresses.

I love the harmonization on the octaves with the guitar tracks on choruses. The drum track was very solid, and it grooved well.

The solo was pretty cool. I'll reflect Million Dead's opinion that the solo could have used some air to breathe. As much as I like shred, it eventually loses its effect and appeal if the solo goes bars at the same pace without any rhythmic variation.

Hopefully that helps out.


Could you do me a favor by reviewing my cover of "Incommunicable Message"? I just uploaded an edit.

i think i get the idea of what youre getting at for the solo, milliondead. i wont really be taking the example you gave. there must have been some conversion issues because a lot of the notes and tracks are all over the place (plus some of the measures you mentioned didnt really line up with some parts), but ill try to add some more expressive parts to it rather than just pure shred. it is a rather expressive song after all

i appreciate the input from both of you though! thanks for giving detailed responses!