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I have been a visitor to this site for about ten years now, and have attempted to utilize many of the tabs and lessons that this site offers. I have been writing my own music for a while now but I have always been too self conscious to share my music with anyone. I figured that I cannot grow as a musician without criticism and have decided to start a Soundcloud page. I would appreciate it greatly if you wouldn't mind checking out my demo track, and giving me some feedback on not only the song structure but the mix as well. Thank you for your time.

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Drums are a bit overwhelming, especially at the 0:50 part with the cymbals. However, this gets flipped upside down when the heavy guitars come in, where I feel the guitars are pretty overwhelming. Definitely could use more bass in that part. This problem persist throughout the crunchy parts, I feel like the distorted guitar tracks drown other tracks and the mix is noticeably thin at these parts. The guitars would sound a lot better with a strong bass part backing them up.

The song itself is very promising. I feel like at the moment it doesn't have a lot going on, I mean it's mostly just rhythm guitar parts after another. So vocals or lead melodies could benefit it a lot. The clean parts are really cool - I like the feel a lot. I think both the mix and the song itself show a lot of promise but need some tweaking, but this is not bad at all.
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Very cool so far, I got a Seether vibe leading into it. To me the bass seemed to be lacking, I know there was no bass guitar but even what the drums should've provided seemed to be missing somewhat. Other than that it seemed very evenly mixed.
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