Hey all,

Last question about my upgrade to my PRS Tremonti SE. Ive been looking at cheaper alternatives than the PRS Tremonti USA pickups and have looked at these Irongear ones:

Neck / Bass pickup: http://www.irongear.co.uk/irongear_pickups_011.htm

Bridge / Treble : http://www.irongear.co.uk/irongear_pickups_034.htm#

Any help or advice is really appreciated. if you have used cheaper alternatives in your SE please let me know

IronGear pickups are good, but i wouldn't say they're better than the stock PRS Tremonti SE pickups. They're different, but not much of an upgrade IMHO.
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seymour duncan for sure. about to get the hot rodded set for my prs tremonti se as well. plus the set is a bargain for $130.
21 k is quite powerful for a passive, I wonder what the clarity is like on the bridge pickup. You've paired it with a 9 k neck. That would add more clarity, but might seem a bit weak in that combo? I had the tremonti SE a couple years back and thought the pickups were quite good for the money. What to you think they're missing frequency wise? Too shrill, muddy etc?
I say go for it, get these, try them out; and if you see no improvement chuck the prs's back in. Cheap enough for a gamble in my opinion.
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