So this is my equipment

Electric Guitar: Jackson Rhandy Roads JS32
Pedal: G3x
Amp: Marshall MG30CFX

I tried recording with soundcloud straight from computer mic but I didn't like the sound.


Don't mind the Orion testing I'm a beginner

Is Sequel 3 worth it ?
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You need to edit your soundcloud link, as it only links to the personal stream of the person clicking it.
Probably not worth it to buy recording software yet. First learn how to get the sound you want with the G3X. Then learn how to record direct from guitar > G3X > computer > Soundcloud with precise gain levels to capture the sound you want. Once you can handle these basics, you may be ready for a DAW. No reason to use the lame computer mic.
Download Reaper
I don't know whether your pedal can record direct into your pc but if not just pick up a cheap interface like the focusrite 2i4

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