Hey all,

My latest acoustic cover is now up!


This is one of the first acoustic guitar riffs Ive learnt when I started playing the guitar. Im not sure whether I should call it a riff. It simply is a Travis picking pattern, over two simple chords, which was first written as a fingerstyle exercise by Kerry Livgren, the guitarist of Kansas. He then went on to add lyrics to it and, although the style of the song was quite different to what Kansas was playing at the time, it got recorded, and became one of their greatest successes.

The original recording features two guitars, one being in Nashille tuning. This gives the impression of a twelve-string guitar being played. The way I play it here is with two guitars, both in standard tuning, but the second one has got a capo 5. This helps harmonise the chords of the first guitar and allows me to superimpose the melodic line of the first guitar one octave higher.

I opted for a ukulele for the vocal line. It fits with the overall mood of the song and its range easily cuts through the guitars without having to push it too hard. The part is a mix of the vocal line and the guitar chords, which helps freeing the part and moving around the original tune. I have decided to not overdo it though, in order to avoid going into a solo. Ive preferred playing with its rhythm during the second part of the song.

Ive used a crunch electric guitar for the violin and viola parts. I would have stick to a violin, but this is just not within the range of my current skills. Maybe I should have gone for a Youtube collaboration though! For another song then...

The rest of the songs are just a few bits and bobs - synth, percs, clean elec gtr.. Nothing worth a video, so Ive just left it in the background to support the main guitars.

Let me know what you think!
What would be your arrangement of it?

I am looking at arranging a few classic rock tunes at the moment. Stay tuned!

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