So my band has put together our first song and given recording it a shot, with I, the bassist, doing the producing/mixing (since we're cheap like that). The version I'm including here isn't 100% done, since it has no vocals yet and the drums are programmed (we didn't have the necessary equipment on hand for live ones). The lyrics are in the vein of an A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside or later (IRE Era) Parkway Drive. So, before anything gets done with it, tell me what you think of the demo.

Like a particular part of the song?

A guitar too loud?

A tone sound off?

Let me know!
Link to the song: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8vRXSjxB4XvSlpYeEhHTWIya1k
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Hey for google drive you have to be logged in to listen (and I actually had to download the song, it wouldn't stream). Some people don't have google accounts so they won't be able to hear. Why not use bandcamp or soundcloud. Just something to be aware of!

Well right off the bat, knowing that you the bassist mixed the song I can hear the bass is a little too loud :P But that is a bias I think most musicians aren't aware of especially when we are learning to record.

2:36 I think the lead could be louder and the tapping part at 2:54 is way too loud and out of no where but that's something that can be experimented with.

So overall I like the grungy tone going on. I don't normally find a tone for very detuned guitars that I like but you found a pretty good tone.

0:52 The lead guitar could have some more personality, meaning some vibrato, dynamics, etc. Something needs to be done to make the solos stand out but I know from experience this will take a lot of practice in developing your own style so don't take that comment too harshly.

I'd like to hear vocals over the song, I think with some good melodies it will make for a good song.

I won't comment on the drums since you explained in your post but I think this song is headed in the right direction. I'd have to say the thing I liked most is the rhythm guitar tone.

Here's my song when you get a chance: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1695461