Lately I've been getting a fuzzy sound through the clean channel on my amp. I'm playing an Epiphone Les Paul Junior through a Boss ME-30 multi-effect pedal, on a Bugera 333XL 120watt tube head and a Marshall 4x12 cabinet. I've checked and it's definitely not the pedal, there just seems to be a fuzzy sound when I play clean. The settings on the amp currently are 5/10 channel volume, 7/10 treble, 7/10 mid, 5/10 bass, 9/10 presence and 1-2 master volume (playing in a small room). the guitar is set to 7/10 on volume and 10/10 on tone. I also play through the high gain input which until the past couple of weeks has never been a problem. Also, though I've checked and the fuzz is there without the pedal being used, it's ore noticeable when it is. So if it makes a difference, my clean tone with the pedal is at 40/100 volume, 25/100 sustain and 50/100 attack on compressor (75/100 effect level, and its still there if i turn the compression off), a wah after the compressor, an EQ with +6 treble, +6 mid, and +6 bass, 100/100 noise supressor, chorus with 40/100 rate, 30/100 depth and 65/100 level, and a room reverb with 15/100 time and 5/100 level. Does anyone have any pointers?
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How long have you had the amp head and have you changed any of the tubes/valves since you got it?

Also, keep your guitar volume at 10 and adjust on the amp. If it does not sound better just switch back. Same thing with the pedal, put it at max.
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ive had the head since early october or the end of september 2015, i'm not entirely sure. and i've never changed the tubes. also no matter what amp i use when i keep my guitar volume at 10 it tends to be a bit more harsh and messy sounding