Hello. Although guitar is my main instrument, I think that I would like to occasionally add keys and/or vocals/vocal effects to my looping.

Do you think the Ditto X2 would be ok for these non-guitar componants? Or do you think I should be looking at a different looper?
The company's promo video says that its a looper made specifically for guitars so I'm worried about the quality of non guitar overdubs.

Anyone have any experiences with the Ditto?
Thank you for your time.
Hello, Peptide.

Ditto looper is designed for maximum simplicity and realibity. Obviously it WILL work for non-guitar componants with preety decent sound quality, and it's nothing wrong using it this way. But for the similar price you can find something like BOSS RC-30 (http://www.bossus.com/products/rc-30/), that have tons of useful functions and effects.

I do not mind Ditto, i use it too, but for that I will definitely use something more complex.

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