Sounds pretty good. I assume that is you playing the lead guitar as well in the background. If so, you're capturing the feel of the band. The vocals had a bit of a glitchy moment at least for me with your covering, but it still works with it. Keep up the good work.
Thank you! Yeah, it's all me except for the vocals.
The vocals had those glitchy moments for real, I mean, after I recorded the instrumental, I discovered that the vocals were off tempo (don't ask me why) in different parts of the song! So I tried my best to fix it manually, and this is the result ahah!
Drop A or B tuning, by any chance? No problem. Hey, much lower than I can play, that's for sure lol 9 years of playing guitar, and lowest I can manage well is D Standard. E Standard is my pride and joy for guitars ^_^
Well, not necessarily... Long scale is the way, I guess But when I'll have the money to afford a 7 strings, I'll surely buy a fan fretted to avoid this problem
Yep. Them 7, 8, and 9 stringers are becoming very popular nowadays. Helps with different tunings too. Only downsides are slight technical bits that can be overridden with difficulty