I recently picked up a B-stock Agile Pendulum 72527 and have really enjoyed the multi-scale aspect of the guitar. I've been through a few regular 7s but never got into them as instruments because one side of the strings always seems to suffer too drastically; use a 25.5" scale and the bass side is too loose, use a 27" and the treble side is too tight and brittle sounding, etc. The multi-scale solves all those issues quite handily.

Anyways, I like the guitar a lot but the fret-work leaves something to be desired, and I was wondering if anyone can speak to the quality difference between Agile's regular and Pro series guitars (e.g. the Septor vs the Septor Pro, Pendulum vs Pendulum Pro, and so on). If I knew the fretwork and set-up potential was noticeably better on the Pro series I would probably buy a Pendulum Pro immediately, but having only spent $400 on the regular Pendulum, I would need some justification for jumping to double the price because the guitars are close to exactly identical other than one being called Pro. The only spec difference between the two guitars is an ebony fingerboard, and if they're treated the same way in the factory in the fretwork department, that's certainly not $400 I'm willing to drop on a fretboard

Anyone have experience with the difference in these ranges? I'm really diggin' the multiscale and would definitely pay for one that played better, but the only upgrades in playability from this point look like the Pro series from Agile, the new multiscale from Ibanez (which looks hideous IMO) or getting a much more expensive guitar from a custom or near-custom builder.