Hey guys ive been having trouble getting a good blues tone. I got a marshall dsl amp and i have tried for hours to find that good tone. Ive been tryiing to nail like a buddy guy tone. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get a good blues soloing tone. Drop some settings or your favorite settings if you want, i will sure try them. thanks
Well, what guitar are you using and how are you dialing in your amp now? What channel are you using and are you using pedals? You have to keep in mind a lot of those old blues tones don't have a ton of distortion up front and are fairly bright.

Most of the "overdrive" sounds from old blues tunes were achieved by turning up tube amps and letting the power section saturate. If you're cranking your preamp gain to 10 and playing really quiet you won't be able to get the sounds you're looking for.
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y to be a little more specific a buddy's tone has cahnged some over the years as well. basically though you are looking at strat into amp that is set right at teh breakup point. this will take some time to find and be very volume dependant. keep that in mind cuz what settings you use at bbedrom level won't work at band level and vice versa.
Buddy plays a custom signature model strat with mid boost and Lace Sensor pickups, mostly through a 59 Fender Bassman. He uses other guitars and amps occasionally, but that's his main rig, the only effect he normally uses is a wah pedal. In earlier days he used a TS 9 Tube Screamer, Dunlop Rotovibe and Dunlop Fuss Face.

You can probably get close to his sound with a regular strat and Fender tube amp, push the mids a lot. The Marshall is probably going to have too much gain in the preamp section to get really close. He did use a Marshall JCM800 for a while in the 80's, but has been using the Bassman for a long time and a Vibroverb as a back up amp.

A side factoid...the original Marshall was based on the 59 Bassman, with a higher gain preamp section and tailored around tubes and parts more easily found in England. That's why the Bassman uses 6L6 power tubes and the Marshalls use EL34's. The EL34 was much more common over there. Same for capacitors and such, Jim Marshall used whatever was more readily available across the pond.
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