Hey guys, I´m new to the forum, but I wanted to hear opinions from other players, since I haven´t been able to find the data I´m looking for. I started playing with an Epiphone Les Paul, and the way I hold the pick and with my right hand technique overall, I find it kind of uncomfortable. Years later, I got an Explorer type guitar, and I noticed that, when playing standing up, the guitar would hang a bit to the left of my body, when compared to a Les Paul. This felt way, way more comfortable for my picking hand! That´s why I ditched the Les Paul, and now I´m looking for a new guitar. The thing is, I still haven´t felt any other guitar that shifts to the left like the Explorer. I feel the Superstrats guitars overall (tried a couple of Schecters), sit more to the right, as the SGs. Now, my question is, do you know guitar, or at least body types, that let your picking hand rest a bit to the left of your body?
If I understand this right, perhaps a guitar with less wood on the upper side so it doesn't get in the way of your arm/forearm, like a V shape or an X shape.
You can sort of get that effect by shortening your strap a little and pushing the guitar more to the left. Look how the Beatles used to hold their guitar back in the day. Obviously that isn't a perfect solution, but it may be enough to get you where you want to go. You might also look into holding the guitar in the classical position while sitting down.
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