It seems silly, but yh I bought a cable that goes from USB to a female XLR jack. Anyway, it works great, using it as an input device, so Mic going into the XLR end or guitar, into a DI box, then into the computer. For some reason however, it doesn't seem to play audio the other way through, so computer to USB to XLR - back through the DI (in reverse) then into the amp.

Basically I want to use it for reamping.

I do have a preamp, which works fine through my DI box, however I want to use the preamp for the mic when I reamp, so I need this USB-XLR lead to work as an output. It shows audio as playing on the computer, as the volume moves up/down, so its not to do with the driver (I think)

Are these cables only one way for some reason? (Even though it does show up as an output device)

I hope I have just done something stupid that I can fix!

Thanks and il answer any questions if this is confusing to read.
USB is a digital signal. XLR is an analog signal. That is a problem right there.

You need an audio interface. They properly convert analog to digital and back to analog signals. Mackie Onyx Blackjack or Focusrite 2i2. Go to the recording section of the forums for more information.

Sending a pre-recorded signal back through a physical preamp is possible as well, although ideally you would use the signal with the preamp then to the interface the first time.
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Hmm, I used the preamp to do that (its not just a preamp) but its small hence why I have the USB - XLR cable. The thing is , it works as an input which is odd, but the signal doesnt seem to work properly and go the other way
Good thing you didn't give up a link to the actual cable you have. Because if you did then we might have been able to answer your question.
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Its very cheap, but should work both ways none the less. And alright heres the link if it really helps :

No, it should not work both ways. If it could output it would have anther XLR connector. It's only an input.
Because the computer doesnt know that it doesnt have an output xlr connector.
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