I have an electric guitar since 2 months ago or more and i have a strap since i bought it tbh i dont parctice that much on the strap most of training when im sitting i'm a pretty good player but when i put the strap so low (the position that i prefer the most) i just start to suck so bad i cant do power chords or even strum guitar well my fingers and arm is not short, is there any practice that i should do to get used to that position?
I would recommend you you put the guitar higher, you might not look as 'cool' but its to serve a purpose. Then all you can do is practice till you get use too it.
Take a look at some very early video (film) of the Rolling Stones. Keith played an ES-335 a lot more often then, and he wore it almost at neck height.
I find some guitars allow you to position the strap lower than on others. The more well balanced a guitar is, the lower you can position the strap and still play comfortably.

What any music teacher will recommend is positioning the strap such that the guitar is at a similar height up your torso as it is when you're sitting down and playing it. The more different those two heights are between sitting down and standing up, the harder you'll be making life for yourself.

And then there's the matter of just getting used to it. Most of my playing time is done standing up now because I know how embarrassing it is to only be able to play guitar sitting down.
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thanks for the help guys i think i will higher my guitar strap a little bit and start practicing standing more than sitting
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And then there's the matter of just getting used to it. Most of my playing time is done standing up now because I know how embarrassing it is to only be able to play guitar sitting down.

+1 to this; standing up is always going to be different so I tend to practice much more standing up (especially since I've only recently had a decent number of effects pedals and the tap dance is a skill in itself).

As a rule, I tend to like the guitar body about crotch height, but a lot of it depends what you do with your left hand thumb. If you do a lot of barre chords or shredding with your thumb on the back of the neck, it may be worth wearing the guitar higher (at least when you're starting out). Stuff involving the thumb over the top of the neck tends to be more comfortable a bit lower, I find.

Ultimately, yes, it's easier to play with the guitar higher up, but if you plan on actually performing looking like a numpty may actually be more of a problem than that difference. If you want to learn to play the guitar lower down, you just have to practice more like that.
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Treat it just started like other muscle memory exercises. Start with the strap up high and slowly lower it in very small increments until you get where you want.
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Playing with the guitar strap low is cool looking, but it is definitely not ergonomically efficient or "healthy" for your wrist and forearm. You can get away with playing rhythm and certain types of lead that way, but you'll notice it's literally impossible to play certain lead patterns with the guitar strung too low. That's why you'll so commonly see rockers and metal guys stick their leg up on a monitor speaker and prop the guitar up to take a solo (ala Slash, John Petrucci, etc). - you can't have you're wrist at that angle and reach the shapes without the guitar higher up.

Just a thought! Play however you want, but just know there's a price to pay for the guitar being slung that low. Again, you can get around it by just propping up the guitar on something on stage or in your room when you practice.
I play with mine in a similar position to sitting, so pretty high, mid belly button level is where the top part of guitar is.

I think it is much better to be able to play properly than looking cool, and having a very low slung guitar is not very good for you, the contortions you have to make.

Sure, lower it a bit if you feel comfortable, but not super low-you want to be comfortable playing.

Eventually, if you want to, put it lower, but now, just use what is best for you to actually play the instrument.
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I play with mine in a similar position to sitting, so pretty high, mid belly button level is where the top part of guitar is.

For me that would be too low. The top of the guitar is almost to my chest. I have wrist and elbow problems, though, and I'm old.
The best height to use is when you set it sitting won so it's a bit loose, and when you stand up it doesn't drop more than an inch or two.

As Toodeep said, different guitars will feel comfortable at different heights. I start so mine drops no more than an inch or so when I stand up, and play it a few times, and adjust from there until I like the way it feels. I find most are fine if they drop very little when I stand up, the Peavey Patriot is better about 2 inches lower than the others.

I tried the low slung "Jimmy Page look" years ago, didn't like it, decided to forget about looking cool and find something comfortable. That turned out to be an inch or two lower than it is sitting down.
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You can never have the strap too high. You may not like the way it looks, but the higher it is, the more range your hand will have because it's not concerned with wrapping itself around a neck way down low.

I always found there's somewhat of a correlation between how technical someone plays and how high their guitar sits. Looking at your average punk player, slamming away at three power chords the whole show, they can have their guitar pretty low. Meanwhile the guys from Scale the Summit, Plini, Animals as Leaders, ect. have their guitars so there's almost no difference between sitting and standing. Even back when I was trying to play STS songs I had to raise my guitar for the big reaching arpeggios, as I would never be able to play them where my guitar usually sits which is right at my belt.
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I just wore it really high and gradually lowered it to the point it can't go any lower, it certainly takes some getting used to but after a while it feels natural. And yes, practice only while standing up, that's what i do at least.
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Everyone has their own ideas, but it completely depends on your body, your guitar and the style of music you play. I personally like to have the bottom of the guitar just below my belt level, but I'm really lanky, and find that I can play my prs lower than my strat, which needs to be at belt level to play comfortably. My point is that you need to just practice playing at different heights until you find one that is comfortable
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