This guitar is owned by one of my old relatives and he doesn't know much about it. He got it in the early 90's or late 80's

Fender never made a "rockvoicer" or guitars with an S1****** format serial so I wouldnt be too sure thats even a genuine Fender.

I could be wrong though. Hopefully somebody with more Fender knowledge will chime in as well
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looks like an Asian knock off from the 80s
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Thanks guys. I too had my doubts about being a real fender. I will restring it and see if it sounds good enough for a fake.
What kind of bridge is that anyway? Is it a "floyd" like one?
The bridge is a Kahler, or at least a Kahler copy.
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The bridge is a Kahler, or at least a Kahler copy.

Thanks. I don't know much about Kahlers. I'm not even sure that the one in the guitar is working
Well, that sucks. There's a similar feed going on in strat-talk, so I assume that's you. Yeah, as both sites have stated, it does look decent as a guitar, but horrendous copy of a Fender. Kahler build, but Rockvoicer? Seriously? Why not go for something cooler like "Stratocaster-Styled Object", as a suggestion went? heheheheh