Is this a fair trade?

94 Japanese Fender Jaguar with AVRI pickups for Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway with P90 pick ups...
Do you have more info/pictures? In what condition are the guitars? Where are you located (US market and EU market are really different)?
I'm up in Canada. The Gibson lost a tuning peg but is otherwise in great shape. Not sure about the Jag, I'm told its in mint condition. Does that help at all?
Not in my opinion. The LP value new and used should be more than any Jaguar except a Custom Shop model.
Moving on.....
What kind of double cut is it? Is it a Special, is it some sort of Standard, is it a standard run, limited run, Custom Shop?

I'd rate the Les Paul a little higher if it's a Special, a lot more if it's a Custom Shop or something else.

I'd only take the jag over a Special if I'd been sitting on the Les Paul for a while and really wanted a jag.
Those Japanese Fenders from the 90s are great quality, as good as MIAs in some cases. I personally would go for the Jag because the 24" scale is a dream compared to the LP. They're going to be amazingly different guitars.
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