Urgh, let these die already....they were funny for 5 minutes, and that time is now up.
Come back if you want to
And remember who you are
‘Cause there's nothing here for you my dear
And everything must pass
I got:

This is D.
D can go out for a meal without posting a picture of his food.
D knows nobody cares what he has had to eat.
D is smart.
Be like D.

p accurate
This is Pasta.
Pasta usually eats late meal at night.
Pasta doesn’t share food photos at midnight.
Pasta doesn't want his friends feel craving for food.
Pasta is smart.
Be like Pasta.

It's accurate enough in the given regard
A poem.
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no girl, movember isnt for you. shave your stache pls

I can out-bore you any day
I got-

This is Banshee.
Banshee does gym and yoga.
Banshee doesn't complain he is fat on Facebook.
Banshee lives a good life.
Banshee is smart.
Be like Banshee.

i don't get it. it's just cliches, but put in a format that looks like a youtube comment from 2008?
This is My Ass.
My Ass likes playing games on Facebook.
My Ass knows his friends don't play.
My Ass doesn't send them annoying requests.
My Ass is smart.
Be like My Ass.
and harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene
This is deez nuts.
deez nuts has a wife.
deez nuts isn't the perfect and best looking husband.
But deez nuts loves her and gives her everything he can.
deez nuts is a symbol.
Be like deez nuts.

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I an evety characyer in this story
Seattle Seahawks

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i feel like you have an obsession with aubrey plaza.

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at least we can all agree SGstriker is the woooooooooooooooooooooorst
Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise
I am Jake.
Jake drinks too much coffee and smokes too many cigarettes.
Jake has to poop.
Jake will die early.
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Urgh, let these die already....they were funny for 5 minutes, and that time is now up.

they were never funny
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it wouldn't surprise me if UG goes down within the next couple months, along with other privately owned sites

December 14, 2017