I am going to check out a 2008 les paul traditional ebony.

I am planning on paying 1500-1600 aud for it.

Is that a fair price. Were there any flaws with the 2008 lineup?

That's a good used price if in good condition! You'd pay that here in Canada and I think our dollars are close in value. Not to mention the new price of Gibsons is over inflated there. Best of luck!
Moving on.....
That is a huge deal if it's a really good guitar. Had to do a sort of conversion, but most of the U.S. equivalents will sell or be bought for over double that amount converted to U.S. dollars, so you're getting half off on an amazing guitar. Hope it goes well
My LP traditional is a different year so am assuming the specs are similar, but its a great guitar.

The only potential issue is the weight, its not weight relieved so it can get heavy if you're playing a 3 or 4 hour gig. Make sure you buy a comfortable strap!!
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Oh yeah. Weight of guitar will kill sets. Some of these things are hefty enough to be used as blunt and sharp instruments if one wanted them to. Strap locks a necessity but not a given.
+1 on the weight issue. I have a Korean made Epiphone Custom LP that weighs in a 13.2 lbs. I bought a very wide padded leather strap just for that guitar. It sounds great but you are right about playing it on a 4 hour club gig. Murder on your shoulder.
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i ended up getting it, just a bit of buckle rash and tiny bits of paint missing. Great guitar