Hello guys ,i would really appreciate good advice from experienced guitarist.
I am learning fingerstyle on classical guitar for about one year now ( I go to the private teacher ) and i am currently able to play only easy classical and some spanish songs,but i would like to learn playing with plectrum ,since i prefer playing rock and blues music with plectrum and modern songs transcribed for nylon string guitar (fingerstyle ).I have classical ,acoustic and electrical guitar ,but i do not know how to effectively spread my learning time.Should i learn only fingerstyle until i reach certain level and then begin to learn plectrum style or is it better to study both styles together ,and in whitch ratio one to another..?I always play fingerstyle few times a day and when i whant to play acoustic or electric ,i am already mentally exhausted so this is not effective at all .
Help please and thanx in advance !

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Since you already have fingerplucking down, it should not be too much of a problem to hold back on it for plectrum (pick) usage. However, this does not mean to give it up completely. Balance is key for a lot of things, and playstyle is one of them. Me personally, I started out on just fingerpicking and then ended up going for mostly pick using. I regret that I didn't put much more time into fingerplucking than I did actual picking. Your best bet will most likely be to continue with fingerpicking (plucking used vice versa with it) and plectrum plucking balanced with it. I won't say EXACTLY 50-50, but getting to that point might work. Only suggestions I can give ya without demanding ya do something. Hope this helps a lot
I personally train both fingerstyle and plectrum whenever I feel like it, but I find fingerstyle so much more fun and open to possibilities even though I learned that style much latter than plectrum time.
I hate plectrum on a classical, it feels off... when I watch Van Halen play Spanish Fly I'm like "er... no". Even on my electric guitars I tend to play Mark Knopfler style (a la Sultans of Swing).

Then you have hybrid-picking which is a mix of both... I don't really master it but all the guitarists I know who play that way told me they couldn't revert back to anything else.

You can learn born styles together, I don't see any problem.
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Hybrid picking is a huge pain in the arse for a lot of folks mostly because the bigger examples I can think of immediately for them are All That Remains and Shadows' Fall. I cover both of them quite a bit, but can't master that hybrid pick one bit. It is tricky to come back from a playstyle one is known and enjoying to do, ya know? But in any event, my advice still stands ^_^
Thank you all for advices ,i will try to find good schedule for practice both technicques.