i cant afford a strat right now so it was cheaper paying 70$ for a single coil so i have something that atleast sounds like a strat. unfortunately i didn't know the quack was from the 2 and 4th position. I have the bridge fat 50 and stock ibanez v pickup in the neck. i can't get that quack though. is it possible or did i mess up? can i somehow wire the single coil and hb together?
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half out of phase is one idea I'd try, it works with only the bridge position if the quack sound you mean is out of phase. If not the answer would be no. Coilsplitting and all I wish I could do with 2 wire pickups as I've sold enough pickups to build a coffee table out of but yeah 2 wire pickups even paired together you don't get much sounds out of.

This is an obscure mod but I've got the diagram below. You need a push pull and everything mentioned; if not a rotary switch like on PRS guitars.

but now if you got a 4 wire pickup there is such thing as series out of phase i believe the term is called where you throw each coil on a humbucker (or stacked single coil) out of phase with each other. When I converted a no name chinese pickup from 2 wire to 4 I forgot which wires were which, got a good reading determining which combination was series (full power) and long story short the bridge quacked. My only problem was the pickup that did this had like 8k resistance give or take so i'm not the person to say how powerful it is if you tried it on say a JB , distortion or something.

this is out of phase so we're on the same page for those new to wiring

this guy has a lot of excellent diagrams to try far beyond seymour duncan and guitar electronics too

this is half out of phase
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