Hello all
am a new member as you can tell !!..
and have a problem with my Chinese strat guitar .. I am planing in summer to upgrade my strat to the next level like new pickups and badass paint job so I really need some help

first thing the pickups :
what should I have for pickups ? .. the old pickups have hum even in a clean channel .. should I install a humbucker bridge ? or should I get noiseless single coil
sooooo many options thats why I went here and need some expert point of view.

second the electronics ! :
the hart of any guitar ... what you recommended like capacitors volume pods tone pods and please the wiring too (a link to a video would be great)

I think thats it for now ... I hope that I get replied with good ideas
Thanks for all.
Hi I would recommend taking a look at the grounding of your pups and bridge or taking it to a tech to do so. As far as capacitors the orange drops are very popular. volume and tone pots depend on how fast you want the volume or tone to turn up. 500k will give you more gradual adjustments I believe.
I'd like to add another thing that messed me up when i first started. The actual grounding of my house was the problem for my humming. So it might also have to do with that. I'd recommend going to music stores with your guitar and trying out amps to see if the problem persists. As far as upgrading your pickups... It really depends on what your going for as far as sound goes. If you're a beginner i'd recommend going and trying out different guitars with different pickups in them.