I'm releasing recurring daydreams vol 2, what it is is a compilation of remixes artists have made of compositions I wrote, it's 100% non-profit, but I have toyed with the idea to make it 1 dollar for a week and giving that first week to a charity. It will never profit me though. It's just for fun and exposure for both parties.

I have 10 tracks for it, so it's basically ready to go, I just need to commission artwork, and I'd like some more submissions to round out the album as a few artists are on there twice, which is great, but I'd like more variety.
Anyone of any genre is able to make a remix and works of all quality will be accepted as long as you try, and dont' submit white noise, it just has to be recognizable compared to the original.

Here's a midi pack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaS9Q3cQSGs
Here's what volume 1 was like: https://daydreamanatomy.bandcamp.com/album/recurring-daydreams-vol-1

I've made the due date March 25th 2016, .wavs are preferred, but .mp3s will work. I can add to the album for slightly late entries, and replace tracks with more polished versions later at the request of the remix artist. You may also request a midi to a track that's not in the midi pack from any original song I've made, as long as I have the project file on this PC.

Please post if interested. If you need guitar tabs you can import midi to guitar pro/tux guitar/power tab. rabidguitarist and xero137 did awesome covers from this community, and hearing more of my stuff in guitar would be awesome.

Submissions so far: (song - artist)
Angelic Strain - Kierious
Battle B Noise - Deshiel
Chaos Inferno - Mystic Blue
Endless Sand - Deshiel
Glitching Time - Prescott Gallagher
Jaded Gunner - Yoshiii343
Off The Rails - Kierious and Phantom Power
Strife - Avizura Whooves
V-Mode (2014) - KRSSVR
Jump - Kierious
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It only has to be recognizable to the original song. So close enough you can tell it stems from/ has elements of the original.