How am I supposed to read the timing in tabs? I have trouble telling how long im supposed to hold notes and the right time to change notes when learning songs im not too familiar with.
why are you even trying to learn a song when you don't know how it goes? you just gotta listen to it and you'll figure it out.
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yea tab has no real timing so to speak, you have to listen to the track as you follow the tab and thats how you learn to learn the timing of the tab, a tab is just the notes of the song, sure you can try to make it close to the timing but you can,t really in the end, its just listening to the track
The disadvantage of tab versus sheet music is that tab has no main rhythm going for it. Might be easier to use for a lot of folks, but lacks tempo. Consequently, sheet music has rhythm and tempo going, but may lead folks astray due to not being so simple to read and also being trickier to remember overall
Tabs are more of a guide. They tell you what to play but not how to play it. You have to listen to the song and then go from there. Some people also put musical notations in their tabs, which is more of a hybrid tab (elements of sheet music + tab).

When I make tabs, I try to make the notes easy to read but also with a sense of timing. But in the end, you just need to listen to the song. If you're not familiar with the song, pay close attention to the parts you wanna learn (hearing), and try to follow along (just seeing) with the tab.