Hi @everyone ^^

I have a problem with my (first) valve amp, the Bugera 6262.
A few days ago I started to feel a less powerful sound so I decided to turn up the bass but it didnt change the sound. Bass-EQ set to 0 and to 10 still equals the same sound.
Could it be a problem within the electronics or with the valves?
My tested equipment:
Bugera 6262
Hughes & Kettner Warp 7 4x12 Cabinet
Line6 tonecore ubermetal
DigiTech Hot Head
Boss Compression cs-3
medium-prize cables
and tested with Esp Ltd Ex-401 (active EMG's)

Hope someone of you knows where's the problem

Greetings from an unknown metalhead
Have you checked the battery in your guitar? Have you gone straight from the guitar into the amp (without pedals) with different cables? If those don't fix the issue, I'd think it's a tube-thing, but I'm not a tech by any means.
I'd say get some tubes first and see if that fixes it

But deff try removing everything but the guitar from the signal and see what happens.
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