So I joined this forum to ask some questions about a guitar I have which belonged to my late uncle. It is early 80s maybe late 70s. Its in rough shape, its missing the pick guard all the components and hardware and I have no idea what kind of guitar it is.

Maybe someone can help me?

I would really like to redo the guitar for sentimental purposes even if it wasn't the best in its time. I need a pickguard and all the guts also the hardware, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

I don't know how to embed an image but I did upload the front and back of the guitar.
I want to say Silvertone, but this isn't my niche. Especially without seeing the headstock
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My D is major

It would be more accurate if you take closer shots with the headstock back and front and try to post the back metal part that (would be) have a serial number

and DUDE this guitar is fuckin' missed up !! But it would be awesome to give it a new paint job ... new pickups .. new bridge and hardware electronics ...
well take it to a guitar shop if your sooo confused XD