Hello! I am a young begginer guitarist and I've recently run into trouble. I got my first effect pedal yesterday. I came home and eagerly plugged it in and attemped to play. I tried playing with the different knobs but I had no luck in getting the sweet bluesy tones associated with the BD-2. In fact, all it really did was change the volume and gave it a bit of distortion. I tried changing the battery of the pedal and that did nothing. I feel like I've tried almost everything, and yes, I did plug it in right. Maybe there is something wrong with the cheap amp I'm using? Help would be greatly appreciated.

Rogue Rocketeer RR100 Guitar
Rogue G10 Amplifier
Boss Blues BD-2 Pedal
You can try messing with the gain settings on the amp and pedal but you'll never get a decent tone with that amp.