Finally watched Love & Mercy for the second time today and it was absolutely mind blowing to see the process behind pet sounds, but I was really curious as to what happened to Brian in particular. I mean, it's obvious that Pet Sounds was the album that really pushed him over the edge but he must have had something there prior to that?

It's interesting to me that he had a mental breakdown in 1965 at only 22 years old. Did he suffer from autism/aspergers? Did the LSD break him? Was it the prescription meds?

What was the deal with his brain?
lyin in bed

just like brian wilson did

oh woah oh oh
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
I'd go crazy too if I made such shitty, obnoxious music.
Who knows man. Mental health is a mystery.

If you wanna check out another doc with a musician who loses it, The Devil and Daniel Johnston is worth a watch.
Combination of too much too soon fun times with fame, too much probably the best acid ever combined with a Dad that pushed his kids too far in order to live through their lives.

...but damn he write some great tunes with Tony Asher (an unsung hero of the Beach Boys imo)