first off, loving the picture haha. Really cool riff, almost like stoner metal. Really cool tune man, the lead guitar coming in with the drums is sick! Your playing is tight and the tone isn't to whiny or gainy which is always good. Love the bluesy turn the solo takes around 1:50.
Overall man, I really enjoyed it, I can't say any bad things about it. Keep it up!
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I second Poisonouspot on the picture. Classy!

Very sharp lead playing there with some interesting phrases. Quite amazing how you can keep the timing so tight when playing all over the place like that.

I wouldn't put Hammet in the tags though, this is far better than what he is capable of haha.

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First impressions:

1) The guitar work is awesome but the tone could use a little something more. It feels a little muffled and think it could use some brightness and spark.

2) This reminds me of a Testament song... very Alex Skolnick

3) Overall mix sounds good

I can't really think of much critique to give this, the guitar playing is really nice and keeps me interested. I could probably listen to more songs of you doing 2-3 minute solos and if you can write a bad ass song around that you got some good shit going on.

I like the key changes to keep it interesting. The backing rhythm flows nicely from one riff to the next and it reminds me how Metallica phrases their riffs.

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